Wed, 16 Sept


Ankara, Turkey

European Mobility Week GAE Edition

European Mobility Week GAE Edition

16 Sept 2020, 00:00 – 22 Sept 2020, 23:59

Ankara, Turkey

Etkinlik Detayları


European Mobility Week is an event that emphasizes sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation. Cities or non-governmental organizations in different countries of the world, especially in Europe, increase social awareness with various activities. Original website of the event:


There are many cities, municipalities and organizations from all over the world that contribute to the project by organizing events. As the Future Research Institute, we will take part in the European Mobility Week with our events in Ankara between 16-22 September. Registered website of our event:


Mobility Draw: There will be 3 winners in this draw. These winners will be gifted respectively 1 bike, 1 skateboard and 1 scooter. To participate in the raffle, registering for any event and, if the event is physical, be there at the time of the event will be completely sufficient.


Story Contest: In this story contest on the Future of Transportation, participants will need to write a story with no more than 15,000 characters and send these stories to us via Google Forms. Stories will be evaluated by our judges according to criteria that will be shared soon. The winner of the competition will receive a surprise prize.

To enter the Story Contest:


September 17 - Direction Finding Event with Mobile Devices: The aim of this event, which will be organized in the style of a treasure hunt, is to proceed by solving the passwords and riddles in the program on our phone.


September 18 - Walking Event with Disadvantaged Groups: This event will be held in a target district of Ankara, on a walking trail. This event takes all disadvantaged groups and their companions in Ankara as a target audience.


September 19 - Non-Motorized Vehicles Tour: It is a tour that we will organize with vehicles that do not cause carbon emissions such as bicycles, skateboards, scooters, electric scooters.


September 20 - Orienteering Event: Orienteering is a direction finding sport usually performed in forest land. In this activity, it is aimed that the participants learn the basics of orienteering.


September 21 - Sailing Training: Training will be provided by professionals in this event targeting young people who want to learn the sport of sailing.


September 22 - Closing Meeting: This closing meeting, which will take place physically in Ankara Bilim University Conference Hall, will be broadcast live online on some platforms. In this event, where various speakers will be present, the results of the draw and the award winners of the Story Contest will be announced.



We thank our stakeholders for being with us and for their support.